Monday, June 16, 2014

Marriage is long series of compromises...

This is just a quick entry. Profound, but short.

Marriage is a long series of compromises. Here's a good example. The previous owner of our place had a cast iron bathtub at the entrance to the driveway, next to the mailbox, which she painted red and filled with pastel colored, plastic flowers. Martin wanted to haul it away but I BEGGED him not to. I loved it. After all, it matched our red windmill, red mailbox, and Martin's red workshop door (but I agreed the plastic plants had to go!) Well, for YEARS Martin has dreamed of growing pumpkins. More than anything, he wants to give them away to kids (as in free) at Halloween. I don't care for pumpkin (except the seeds, which I roast). Martin insisted we include pumpkins in our greenhouse seedling project this year.
"Ugh, fine!" was my response.
These pics are a result of the compromise we struck. I transplanted them just this morning:-)

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