New Adult, Urban Fantasy/romance/suspense

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Everyone goes about their lives ignorant to the battles raging around them, ignorant that humankind’s days in Middle Dimension are numbered. That is, unless you happen to be a Supreme.

Twenty-two year old college student, SARAH CROSHEN has always felt different, out of place, a little off perhaps. So it doesn’t come as a shocking surprise when she discovers that she’s really a veiled Supreme with special abilities. At least that explains her visions and déjà vu. What does come as a surprise is that her adoptive parents, JACK and KATE are really Guardian angels.

The handsome Warrior angel, DAVID GALPREN, is frustrated over his babysitting assignment to watch over the veiled Supreme, Sarah Croshen at her mortal age of seven. For fifteen years, David has fended off demons that dare to come close his ward. Quietly, he watches as that little ball of fire grows into a woman; a beautiful and strong woman, with the ability to feel his presence even through her veil.

GRAEME MACLEOD is the youngest Grand Archon ever to serve as leader over The Order of the Cherubim. An organization instituted to maintain balance on Earth by the Archangel Gabriel himself. Graeme finds himself torn when he finally meets the beautiful Sarah Croshen. He had promised himself that he would do everything in his power to prevent her from becoming a Supreme. Although at every opportunity, the beautiful Ms. Croshen surprises him, something Graeme views as a flaw within his character.

BALTHAZAR is possessed by the demon Prince Asmodeus. As the leader of the reprobate army, he plans to take the powerful Supreme Sarah Croshen as his own, but first he must turn her. What he hadn’t counted on was just how strong and determined Sarah Croshen really is.

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